Things you’ll LOVE…

We can go on forever with all the great and unique things the Carriage House at 300 Clifton has to offer. However, these are the most important.

5 Bedrooms
Incredibly unique bedrooms with historical themes. From the Hayloft to the Forge, the fight over the rooms begins!

Full Kitchen
The kitchen is fully stocked with real plates, silverware, and all the usual kitchen gadgets.

Large TV with Xfinity. Pool table, (free) Arcade Games, and a collection of classic board and card games will keep you occupied for hours.

Don’t worry, there’s no thrift store finds or futons. All our rooms are furnished with real Queen beds and traditional durable furniture throughout.

Easy off-street parking in our private lot. Extra free street parking is available if needed.

Just two blocks south of Loring Park, you’ll be torn between restaurants and activities between downtown or uptown, the choices are endless.

Things you may not…

Unfortunately, these few things come with our sincerest apologies and regrets.

For any reason. We set aside a lot of time and space. Cancellations are allowed but don’t expect a refund.

No Pets
We love dogs and cats but too many future guests will likely (or will claim to) have an allergy. Plus, we know you need a break from being a dog dad too.

Anti-Party Policy
Call it whatever you want, but entertaining more than the maximum sleeping number is prohibited. However, we can recommend many restaurants or venues that would be happy to have your group.

The Mansion will be thriving
The Mansion will have guests in the B&B and will be operating as usual.

Housekeeping will be in once a day to empty garbages and take out the recycling. Also, the Carriage House is over 130 years old, we need to keep an eye on things! 

The common areas have a Security Camera with Sound and Video recording. No, we aren’t “spying” on you. It’s part of our security and insurance policies to have 24-Hour surveillance of common areas.